We offer 3 e-design packages:

  • “E-Design Concept” provides suggestions on how to organize the layout of a room, furnish it and decorate it with style. This service is for all clients with simpler projects as homestaging, redecoration or furnishing. 


  • “E-Design Deco” is for larger more complex projects such as restructurings or new constructions; it provides all necessary outputs with detailed description of the chosen design concept and navigation on how to get the job done. 


  • “EXTRAS” - superb quality 3D visualizations and Set of "SOFT" plans (including installation plans for utilities like electricity, plumbing and lighting, layouts of the new surfaces like flooring, ceilings, tiling, wall partitions etc.). You can order them also independently or with the package.

We also offer ad hog design services for special projects of larger scale.

See the e-design menu for further description.

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