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Jana Novakova
Interior Designer


Hello I am Jana, the CEO of Mycom, the company I co-founded together with its Chairman Ness Yammine. Welcome!

After many years of being active in various sectors of activities and completing an MBA in Management, I was ready to embrace a career of my own as a private entrepreneur, so I set up my own company ‘Mycom’ in Real Estates. 

Advising my clients on how to home stage their properties prior to selling them, or how to redecorate a home they had just bought, became my favorite part of the job. So I engaged in further studies in Interior Design in the UK. After 3 years during which I was able to combine studies and work, I graduated in Design & Architecture and I expanded Mycom to the Interior Design world, helping my clients to create their dream interiors in residential homes in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Lebanon and my home country in Slovakia.  

I then set up this web site platform to transmit my passion for Design to the many out there who think Design is out of their reach. I have gathered a team of independent professional experts in high-end residential properties; hotel room design and commercial hospitality projects (restaurants, bars, shops) and we work together to assist our clients to achieve their dream projects. 

In addition to the above Higher End special projects, we offer base e-design service packs (e-Deco, e-Design and Extras) listed on this web site ranging from a simple advice for a decoration concept to the more complex planning of grass root construction projects, residential or commercial. We also offer an e-shop platform where you can find your perfect fit piece of furniture or decorative accessory directly from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to Mycom! Lets share the passion for designing your dream interior.

Meet here below our Design Team members…


José Antonio Flores

Interior Designer, Furniture designer & stylist

José is an internationally known Interior designer who implemented his projects among other locations in Marbella, Dubai, Paris, London, Tehran and US. The philosophy and success of José is based on his passion for design, his creativity, constant strive to provide support to his clients, and a solid team with experienced professionals allowing a continuous flow and fusion of ideas that lead to astonishing design concepts every time. You could define his style as modern with classical influences, but certainly what is striking is the high quality of sophistication, elegance and subtlety involved in each of his projects.
Over 15 years of experience worldwide have led José to take another step in his creative process, designing his own line of exclusive furniture of more than 50 carefully designed pieces, that make up AALTO COLLECTION which is visible in showrooms in Europe and marketed through distributers internationally.

In all his creations you can see a carefully studied mixture of textures, colors and personality as well as multicultural elements.

We are proud to count José among our selected partners and to give access to our clients to such an experienced and creative professional specialized in High End projects. 
Franca Pasero
Interior Architect
Franca is an interior Architect, almost exclusively dedicated to Hotel Design and luxury residential projects with over 30 years of experience. 

She specializes in defining Design concepts for the hotel Industry and in the selection and fitting of all interior fabrics for walls, windows and furniture.

Franca is the Globetrotter of the team, working in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy, Mexico and the US. 

If you have a larger commercial or hotel project, and need help with your Interior Design concept or with defining your hospitality areas, Franca’s experience is a great asset. 

If you only need fabrics for your furniture, wallpapers, curtains of any type, here again Franca can be an unlimited source of inspiration having won many hotel room design tenders and awards. 

We are very lucky to have Franca on our team to cover larger scale Commercial and Hotel projects.
Marc Antoine Kikano
Interior Architect & Furniture Designer
Marc-Antoine Kikano is a very experienced Interior Architect, a Patron at the “Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts”, teaching his craft at the University of Beirut and helping Launch newer generations of Architects and Interior Designers.

He is well known in the Middle East and specializes in Modern interiors for both residential properties and hospitality such as bars, restaurants, shops and hotel lobbies.
Marc has also done some extensive travelling to attend to his clients in France, Italy, Australia, Africa, Russia, and in Lebanon, Dubai and across the Middle-East.
He is also active as a designer of wooden furniture that he models and produces in his own wooden factory in Lebanon. He creates unique decorative pieces as well as dressing rooms and wardrobe closets and even a wooden sailing boat.

We are happy to have Marc in our team; he can be a great support for Arab Speaking clients with High End residential or commercial projects.
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