Nová kuchyňa?

Hľadáte novú kuchyňu? Pripravili sme pre Vás navzájom ladiace kombinácie materiálov, ktoré zvyčajne potrebujete pre vybavenie novej kuchyne - vrátane… Čítať viac


When it comes to a storage space, as you know there is never enough of it in the house. You remember when you get home with your #cantlivewithoutthis item,… Čítať viac

Spring inspiration

With this crazy weather I never know if spring is finally here to stay or not. Anyways, today is a beautiful 22 degrees and sunny and I feel strongly springly… Čítať viac

Shades of white

White is back! It's again the new trendy neutral, but this time forget painting all with off-white. We have at hand so many options of shades and if you mix… Čítať viac

Dreamy Dressing

The big boom of large dressing rooms started right After Sex in the City movie was played and the fashion did not fade away yet, quite the opposite. Čítať viac
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